Darkroom 1391

Darkroom 1391 is a collection of photos which was taken using my phone during 1391 Solar Hijri year (Persian calendar). In different occasions, different personal conditions, driving in streets and highways, several travels I’ve gone, days and nights.

Accessibility of mobile phone which was always with me and the simple usage of this application and the exciting different filters available on this application, made it a more private space. I believe the main function is its filters with colors and frames reminding days gone by. Recalling those hot days which are fading and it seems like it’s a prevalent distress in people’s world every day. They are searching for their memories too keep it and save it forever.

These are single photos and they don’t follow any specific subject. Each one was taken in a particular situation.

I’ve been a photographer since 12 years ago and it was never easier to capture a moment with just a phone and even show my location with just a click and share it with others even simpler. A darkroom which always accompanies me and it’s ready to capture every moment with a click.

This new digitalized world makes me both excited and sad.